Winter squash fruits stunted

by Diane
(Cameron Park, CA)

I have several varieties of winter squash growing, butternut, acorn, delicata, and spaghetti. The plants are all doing well, except that 1) they are not producing secondary or tertiary vines, so I'm only getting 1 fruit on each vine, and 2) those fruit are very stunted, i.e. Acorn squash over a month along that is only fist sized, etc.

I am finding this really frustrating! I was hoping that with 15 plants, I'd have some squash to enjoy throughout the winter. The plants are in a raised no dig bed amended last winter with aged manure and compost, and regularly fed compost tea or fish/kelp emulsion. I'm in northern CA, where its been 80s or higher days since March, and they're in full sun. The bed is deeply mulched with straw. Help!

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Nov 03, 2014
Stunted winter squash NEW
by: Pam

Hopefully your squash has speeded up. Some of them are rather small as squash varieties go, but wait until the rind is hard before picking them. Pity there is no photo!! Have you deep watered the plants enough? Are you giving them too much nutrients at the expense of water? A soil test might show some imbalance? Check for wilt at the beginings of growth points, sometimes that can harm the stems and stop new growth developing.
Was the manure used free of weed killer - test it on other plants? Can't think of anything else, but there must be a very good reason!! Post back once you know or tell us what the end was.

Nov 03, 2014
Season's over and it was somewhat of a bust NEW
by: Diane

I think the problem was most likely water. We were on watering restrictions all summer, with at least a month or more of highs over 100, and very low humidity. I just couldn't get enough water to the plants. Oh well, always next year!

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