Yellow spots on leaves of beans and cucumbers

by Alan

My Purple King beans are bearing but the leaves are getting covered in yellow spots.
Apple cucumbers are starting to get the same spots also.

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Mar 26, 2012
Bean Fungus NEW
by: Kiwi George

Hi Alan. Sounds like a routine fungus problem, your garden centre should have an organic spray for this or there is info on the WWW to M.Y.O. although a copper based spray is the usual cure. It may pay to check the chemical balance (PH) and of your soil and review your fertiliser regime as healthy plants can withstand the humid conditions of your patch better. Perhaps I am lucky as Wellington is a cool climate but also, I have found seaweed fertiliser to be great a prophylactic against plant diseases and bugs of most types. As I live close to a beach I use seaweed extensively as a mulch, a liquid fertiliser both as a root feed and foliar spray and while I still get some problems it fits my organic gardening profile. Hope that helps.
Kiwi George

Mar 26, 2012
bean leaves yellow spots NEW
by: Sue

Sounds just like common bacterial blight to me. I guess it would be similar or the same for your cukes too.
As recommened you could spray with a fungicide (organic), but if the blight is well established it may be too late, and it might only work to prevent it. If blight is on the leaves and it spreads it will also affect the beans sadly - I know.
If your weather is warm and wet or if you get water splashed on leaves and it stays there particularly o'nite, it can harbour the fungus spores that come from the soil, I think.
Best next year to buy fresh seed and plant in a fresh plot and also use the seaweed or fish fertilizer as a spray on plants. That will give good control because that's what I use now. Have to buy it sadly because not so lucky and live seaside like young George. x Sue

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