zucchini under producing

(Sonora, CA)

I have 4 huge, healthy zucchini plants that are producing very little. Everything looks great, but the produce is not what it should be. There were some aphids, but I got rid of them. Now what?

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Sep 12, 2012
Zucchini under producing NEW
by: Ellen from Georgia

Have you checked to see if the squash bore is eating your zucchini? I lost all of my squash, zucchini, melons and pumpkins. I re-planted the squash three times at lost all of them each time, I might have gotten 8 squash from 8 big plants. Next year I'm going to plant the squash that is suppose to be resistance to the squash bore. It is called the squash of many names Tatume, or Calabsh, it comes from South America and Mexico. The only draw back is that the vine can run 10 to 12 feet long. That is okay with me I have the room and would like to have some squash grow and i be able to eat it. Ellen from Georgia

Sep 12, 2012
Why zuckes have no zukes NEW
by: Andi

Possibly you have put on too much nitrogen and so your plants produce a lot of leaves but not much else. Lime is useful, but it wouldn't work for crops in the ground now.
My best marrows and the likes of cukes, zukes, pumpkins and such, come from planting into a large pile of compost. They really have a party! I sometimes liquid seaweeed them near the end of their season just to keep the last fruits growing well.
Could it be that you get cold nights and your plants have yet to produce? Might be too late at this time of the year, depending where you are. Andi

Sep 16, 2012
Zuchini's NEW
by: Kiwi George

Hi Ellen. Fortunately we don't has "Squash Bore" in New Zealand but as a 100% organic gardener as I have compromised heart, liver and kidney function, I cannot use any toxic sprays so my cure for most problems is seaweed buried before planting, root fed seaweed and comfrey liquid manure and seaweed mulching. Sounds over the top, yep, but for me it works and after last weeks storm I could have collected truckloads but eight sacks through my mulcher is enough for now with some leftv over for next years compost heaps. Maybe a soil test may show up a particular soil element deficiency.
Good Luck
Kiwi George

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