Alternative to Lucerne Hay

Hello, second question and hopefully one day I can contribute some answers...

I do not have a ready supply of Lucerne hay.
the only hay/straw/mulch available to me is sugar cane and pea straw, i think. essentially, only what i can get from the hardware store.

What could I use in place of the lucerne.

Also, one person selling lucerne said they had horse (feed) quality lucerne hay. Does anyone now what that means and if it is ok to use?

cheers, adrian

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Apr 18, 2012
feed quality lucerne/mulching lucerne NEW
by: daisy

Horse feed quality lucerne is usually from the current season, may be either green or "shedded"(has been stored in a shed!) and will almost certainly be much dearer than mulch quality lucerne. Mulching quality will be drier, older and may be mouldy -i.e. unsuitable as horse feed.

Apr 18, 2012
Alternative to Lucerne Hay NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks, Daisy, for your reply.

that explains the comment from the supplier.
well, it is not too expensive, except I have to buy it in a minimum of 10 small bails, i think. not that expensive but it adds up...

maybe i will find another supplier, with lesser quality hay.

or i think i might just use straw in its place.

thanks, again.


Apr 23, 2012
Lucerne hay alternatives NEW
by: ~ Megan

Sugar cane or pea straw are both fine to use - all great stuff and will provide useful layers and mulch for your garden. Lucerne is considered the best, but it's not irreplaceable. With no dig gardening, use what's available with the least expense and hassle.

Pea straw rots quickly, but you will possibly get some sweet little pea sprouts which you can pick and eat the young shoots, or let grow which you can then harvest peas from. Pea straw gives a good nitrogen boost to your garden when any peas grow, because they are great for fixing nitrogen into the roots.

Have a read of to see how you can still build a no dig garden with just about anything from nature, even without any straw.

Apr 24, 2012
Alternative to Lucerne Hay NEW
by: Anonymous

thanks, Megan.
I read that Lasagna-gardening page but must have missed the bit about using other material.

i just measured the area i was going to use and i may actually need quite a few small bails of hay, anyway...

May 04, 2016
sourcing lucerne NEW
by: Kerry

Woolworth's Masters store @ Taree has lucerne in bags the same size as sugarcane mulch @ pea straw for $25 per bag

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