Apple Pomace for mulch layer

by Dan B
(Chambersburg, Pennsylvania)

Greetings, I have been maintaining a layered "lasagna" garden for a few years. typically making a spring top layer with straw or clean hay. this has been working well... I have access to a lot of apple pomace, from an apple processing plant, and wonder if you would consider it as a viable top layer, to put several inches of this on top of the garden. I know this will be slightly more acidic, as it's apple peels, but I wanted your thoughts. It sure appears to be something that would enrich the soil. Thanks for your time and expertise!

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May 24, 2016
Using apple pomace in compost NEW
by: Pip

Wish I had some of this!! I think putting in compost would be beneficial, after all it comes from the ground. I think you should add it in layers between drier materials and make sure there is a layer of something on top each time because the smell of all the nice apple stuff would attract insects like wasps and flies.
Same if you spread a layer on your garden that I think you should cover it up with a mulch quickly. Lucky you!

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