Brand new Green Thumb in Calgary Canada

by Chuck

Hello Fellow Gardeners!
I am very very green to gardening and this Spring will be my first attempt at building a no dig veggie garden. I live in a condo so I have a very small space. However, I am South facing so I get lot's of sun! I plan on growing peas, carrots. tomatoes, herbs and romano beans. I hope I'll have the spzce and know how to do it! My question is, when building the garden, can I use cardboard, then alphalfa (sorry I mispelled that), then manure then hay then cover the whole thing with soil? Will that work? Looking for ANY information and tips you are willing to share.
My thanks, Chuck

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Jun 14, 2009
Comment for new beginner gardener
by: Thor

Sounds good, hopefully you have got started and planted all those veg of yours. For the last 10 years at least I have not worried about which layers go where or what layers are made of, as I have just used what I have been given or found or is on special up at the local markets! So it is good if you can get alfalfa straw, but sometimes I have used shredded corn stalks.

Make sure your hay is not filled with seeds that will sprout, and the other thing you should do is put some mulch around your plants once they are growing. Mulch can be more alfalfa, straw, woodchips or something like grass clippings and leaves.

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