Conditioning Straw bales

by Wes
(Fallbrook, Ca North San Diego Co)

I am new at straw bale gardening. Are my straw bales ruined? I put 3 cups of Scotts granular fertilizer (32-0-4) on each bale (Mistake) and watered in. Day 4 I checked with thermometer 107F. Will I be able to plant anything in these bales?

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Apr 27, 2016
How to condition straw bales for planting NEW
by: Figgy

4 days is too early, but 107F is quite hot. It might have been hotter the day before, or it might be getting hotter. It takes a good 1 to 2 weeks before the temperature settles down.

I have great success with these things but I do get the two of us to go out and pee on the bales - sorry, but it's excellent. Our bales show the very beginnings of decomposing after a week and there's a nice earthy aroma close up. (Have patience Wesley.)

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