growing potatoes in clay

I have a piece of land that a builder covered in clay 2 years ago. It was ploughed last year but not suitable for growing veg. Grass now grows on it.
I would like to grow potatoes there.
What should I do.

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Feb 15, 2013
Potatoes in Clay NEW
by: Kiwi George

Solved this many years ago when I was allocated a military house with no garden, just a clay bank. To save me digging the whole patch I dug trenches 30cm deep and wide and filled them with manure, seaweed, grass clippings and mulched hedge clippings. I let it settle for a month, added a handful of lime per sq/m and planted my potatoes. Result, good crop and next year I trenched the gaps between the first trenches and repeated the filling process. Result in year three, a great garden and muscles I did not know I had.
Happy digging.
Kiwi George

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