Kids' Garden Crafts

Fun and Inspiring Children's Gardening Ideas

As sure as night follows day, children love to make things. Watch their eyes light up when they make some of these kids' garden crafts.

It's time to get lost in the joy of gardening crafts for kids.

Kids garden crafts - boy holding hat

On with the old clothes, grab your hats; out and into the garden... the world is bountiful.

Wonder what we'll make today, let's see...

Could it be brilliant decorations, unmoveable monuments, mantlepiece-ready ornaments, rainbow-hued replicas of natures lookalikes, guffawing games or handy gadgets?

It's always the season for kid's garden crafts here, so whatever the weather, you'll find something to make inside or out — you bet.

These children's nature gifts make unique, unforgetable presents too. Nature is cheaper and more bountiful than store shelves!

Hairy Harry: Cress Heads

Grow a Hairy Harry and other rainy day growing activities.

Memory stones

Here's a game to make that can be played with again and again. It's as much fun as making it as it is to play the game.

See how 4 year old Max did... and teens and adults get a kick out of this game too. Kids' Nature Crafts Memory Game

Arty Gardeners

That's right, let's get out the paints. I like, you like, we all like... painting!

Nature garden crafts - painted plant pot

Childrens nature crafts - painted stone gold and black

Kids Making things outside - painted stones in garden

Kids will find painting outdoor objects, especially large surfaces like steps or fences, so hillarious and free-spirited.

You might like to offer to help design the outline of what they'd like to paint, or suggest some ideas (swirls, stripes, footprints), or they may just like to randomly splash, splosh.

Paint isn't cheap, but you can often pick up sale pots of house paint of odd discontinued lines. Or try and type in your area. Someone's bound to have a few pots of paint in their shed... the brighter, the groovier.

Stones and rocks painted by students

Here are some suggested victims for young painters (under guidance of course):

  1. Paint the compost bin with brightly painted colours. Paint worms, snails, flowers, sun, funny faces on it. You can always hide it behind a tree if the effect is toooooo artistic!
  2. Plant pots, stepping stones, pavers or bricks look great with patterns on. A child can paint their name on a large stone.
  3. Gnomes, driftwood, rocks, garden stakes, notice boards can all get the kids' imaginative treatment. Coloured stones can line a path; wooden notice boards on stakes can be painted with "Herbs", or "Jessie's Garden".
  4. If you have a back door step or 3, let the kids turn them into a work of art. Cover surrounding area for protection, unless it's garden or grass and won't mind paint splashed on.
Kids garden crafts - log painted with pink toenails Kids garden crafts - zeni and jasmine's painted garden wall
Zeni sitting on her painted wall. Here she is with her friend Jasmine.

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Crafting with Nature

Here's a lovely book absolutely filled with crafts for you and children to enjoy!

There are ornaments to make, pinecone crafts, scented creations, leaf beads, plant jewelry, recipes, and many more. There are ideas on how to collect materials and what you need to make the most beautiful, funny, and imaginative crafty things. You can choose to follow easy-peasy ideas, or settle in for a bit more complicated but do-able projects.

I personally like to show my young grandchildren some ideas, let them choose, then off we go to gather the materials. Backyard, park or along the street are all places we can usually collect what we need. Or when you're at the beach or bush walking, collect interesting stuff and bring home ready for your next craft session. Sometimes it involves a trip to the $2 or craft shop to buy wire/ribbon/glue etc. Click to read more Crafting with Nature: Grow or Gather Your Own Supplies for Simple Handmade Crafts, Gifts & Recipes

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