Leaves for composting

by Ellen Bradford
(Tallahassee, FL, USA)

I would like to use leaves as compost in my no-dig garden. The nearest trees to my garden plot are oak, pine and hickory. Is there anything about the leaves, and pine straw, of those trees that would make them unsafe as compost?

I live in North Florida, so our climate is sub-tropical and our winters rarely drop into the teens.


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Jun 05, 2010
composting leaves
by: Megan

Leaves are ideal for compost. Mix in any other ingredients you have handy, such as grass clipping, grazing animal manure, kitchen scraps, stalks, straw, etc to balance out your compost.

You can also pile up leaves and leave to rot down for several months and use as beneficial leafmold on the garden. Leaves, especially smaller leaves can be used as mulch as they are, as long as they don't blow away.

Many tree leaves, including your oak, pine and hickory need a sprinkling of lime added when you use them as they are slightly acidic. But use them as they are around acid loving plants, such as berries, tomatoes and spuds.

Aug 12, 2014
rabbit manure and leaves NEW
by: bobby

hi all,i took 7 very large black plastic bags, cut a 4 inch hole in bottom, then added leaves that i shredded with lawnmower, mowed over them twice, then added leaves rabbit manure some water not much, then more leaves, more rabbit manure, till bag nearly full, then left till spring, wooooowwwwww there was thousands of worms in it this spring, the leaves were beautiful, now i turned the bag up side down,so not to lose any worms, added some to my worm bin, dug holes with a post hole digger,about 18 inches deep added 2 shovels full, then planted my tomato plants, woooowwww had plants just loaded to top which were over 11 ft tall, took some pics to prove it, my neighbors said never saw tomatoes so big tu bob b

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