Making Compost bins from Wheelie bins?

has anyone made a compost bin using a wheelie bin, if so did it work.

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Nov 21, 2010
Wheelie bins for compost bins
by: Megan

Right now I'm using an old wheelie bin to grow strawberries in, and will tell all once it's proven.

A wheelie bin for compost making should be fine, and broken ones would be free, but new would be as pricey as a proper compost bin, so you'd be better off with the real deal. Wheelie bins might be just large enough to make hot compost, so get the biggest size possible. You may like to read about here.

I used a special round cutter attachment on a drill to make holes in the bottom and sides of the wheelie bin, otherwise use a jigwaw I think. Certainly you would need to cut out the bottom of the bin or at least make holes. This is for drainage and worms and crawlies to find their way in - but you can add them or soil with them in also of course.

What about cutting a large enough flap at the bottom of one side to open and close so you can extract finished compost.

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