Mixing ash and ambers in a garden

by Rick

Burned alot of brush and branches which left ash and ambers about 4 years ago. My son thought he would be helpful and mixed it all in part of our garden area. I haven't used that part of the garden since then and want to use it now. Is it harmful to eat the vegetables that I plant in that part of the garden?

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Jun 01, 2011
Ash from vegetation in soil
by: Tony

The ash used was good ash, no chemicals, so nothing bad will be taken up by vegetables. It might be a good idea to get a soil pH test done because ash, like lime, can raise the alkaline levels and make it hard to successfully grow acid loving plants like taters and toms. Adding some nitrogen source is recommended too because ash doesn't contain nitrogen, but a test will be beneficial first. 4 yrs ago is a while and if lots of weeds have grown there, that will help.

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