squash bugs in raised beds

Squash bugs infested my raised bed garden this year, destroying plants and vegetables before I figured out what they were. We have destroyed the plants, but am now wondering WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO TREAT THE SOIL IN THE RAISED BED? Should it be removed and refilled?

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Aug 19, 2012
Squash Bugs ?
by: Kiwi George

Hi, I would love to help but I do not know what a Squash Bug is. Maybe it has another name in New Zealand, do you have a botanical name for it ? As a long time No-Dig Organic gardener who does not use toxic sprays I incorporate a lot of seaweed in my soil via seaweed & Comfrey liquid manure root and foliar feed, shredded seaweed in my compost heaps and I also mulch with raw seaweed and have very little problem with bugs of any sort. I have in the past cleared a bed of all plants and planted a green manure crop of mustard which wire worms do not like and it may get rid of your critters also. Another way of sterilizing your beds is to wet them well, cover with heavy duty clear plastic sheet, fasten down the edges securely and let the heat from the sun turn the moisture into steam which kills off a lot of the pests. Relatively cheap and more importantly, ecologically sound.
Kiwi George

Aug 20, 2012
squash bugs
by: Anonymous

Dear George,

Thank you so much for the helpful solutions. I am definitely going to try them until I succeed especially since they keep me away from insecticides - which is important to me and my daughter-in-law!

Thanks Again,

p.s. if you check out the link below, you'll find exactly what I am talking about.


Aug 20, 2012
Controlling squash bugs
by: ~ Megan

I see I've written a big of information here Controlling squash bugs.

It wouldn't be much use changing the soil in your raised beds, as the adults, especially in winter, hide in the surface stuff, so you could remove and compost any old leaves and mulch and then replant in spring. Kiwi George's idea is great too.

Hopefully you now have plenty of information to get a bumper crop of squash next season.

Mar 20, 2019
black plastic instead of clear?
by: charley

Would not black plastic work better than clear in heating and steaming the soil?
We have a cool spring in Eastern California, and want to get as much heat as possible into my soil. I was originally going to load it into black plastic bags, but I think doing the whole bed is a better idea, as i hear the larvae hide in the wood.

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