Straw Bales disintegrating

by Ellen from Georgia
(Colbert, Georgia)

I have made straw bale compost bins; have three of them, and the bales are starting to disintegrate after one year. My question is should I stack more bales on top of them and keeping adding the compost inside?

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Mar 20, 2012
Keep using straw bales after one year? NEW
by: ~ Megan

It really depends on how far gone your straw bales are. They 'should' last 2 years, but if they've been heated up from being surrounded by compost, or if they've been used for growing plants in and had a lot of good organic growing fertilizer added, then those bales will be on the way back into the ground quickly.

Of course a photo always helps, but I think you'll have to just weigh up the pros and cons and decide. Personally I probably would do the easiest thing and just add more bales, as long as the whole lot doesn't tip over when the bottoms give out!

Mar 20, 2012
Straw for the garden NEW
by: Ellen from Georgia

Thanks for the info. some of the bales are leaning really bad so I guess I will take them out and start over.

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