Straw grown into oats

(Panhandle area, Florida)

Last year I began the no till method.
I used oat straw to begin the process at the first of the season with the newspaper, etc. for weed control... This worked great....
There was a little green growth from the straw at this process... but it did die down during hot summer.
Then without pulling any old plants I placed another layer aprox 6inches on top.
Now I have green growth in the rows, it's grown into oats, now about 24" tall...very green.

I actually tried a manual hedge trimmer close to the ground to see what would happen. I cannot tell yet if they are going to grow again.
WHERE will be the space for planting a garden this year?

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Feb 24, 2012
Straw for the garden NEW
by: Ellen from Georgia

Why didn't you just use the cheapest straw bale? I paid $3.00 a bale and built a straw bale compost bins. Nothing grew out of the top of them put all the compost in the middle and three bins. Sounds like you might have to use a machete, they are very good for cutting weeds and even smaller limbs. Let me know if it works, the machete has worked for me.

Feb 25, 2012
Thanks for idea NEW
by: E

I had not thought of using the machette. Great idea.. will try that.. FYI the only straw I cold find was the oat... hay was other choice and all that i read said not to use hay.

Feb 25, 2012
Straw for the garden NEW
by: Ellen from Georgia

I think the machete will work for you. Call your local Feed Stores or Tractor Supply or any big hard ware store they should all carry straw.

Mar 03, 2012
Straw grown into oats NEW
by: Hotchaiguy

Be careful of sewing wild oats. Just kidding.

The oats that came up and you cut down should not come back again. Just like when a farmer harvests oats, it is done. If you cut them down long before the oats formed, there will be no seeds to grow into new oats.

Mar 05, 2012
oats NEW
by: Tim from Oz

what a bonus, you mulched with wheat straw which then grew into a green manure crop which you cut down and incorpoate into the straw (carbon and nitrogen)that's good gardening. That sometimes happens when I mulch with pea straw and get peas germinating and a nitrogen fix and a bonus feed!

Mar 05, 2012
oat straw bales NEW
by: Bill T

Obviously I cant see what you want to do with your garden,or the amount of space you have.
What about cropping your "crop".Cut it back then use it along with or added to your original.If you get it at the sprouting stage "eat it".Alternitively, you can,dig it in as a green crop. All of the above should be done before the oats set seed, or you are back to your original problem.I had a similar problem with pea hay bales I bougt as a mulch around the plants in my pots.We are experiencing a very hot extended summer (Western Australia).I picked the sprouts and ate them or picked them and put them back as added mulch.I hope this helps.Please,anything that grows is "Reciclable"especially on your own patch.try ways of reusing. You will feel your Wallet,Purse a bit fatter over time.Happy, prosperous gardening.
Bill T. :)

Mar 05, 2012
What I have done about oat straw NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all the comments...
I have used a machete and cut down as close to the base of the oat plants. The green stalks that were cut off... about 14 to 25" tall are now laid on top of the current straw, which was my top layer... I can see it starting to turn brown and deterioate.
IF I understand this no till method/ process I can remove any roots that will be in the way to plant this season's vegetable pants/seed..about 3-4 weeks before planting... and other wise leaving the root structure alone and under the mulch. Before placing the new straw in the fall I had some rabbit manure that is under the straw along with some leaves.
I guess I will be good for planting.
Any help anyone can give me will be appreciated.

Mar 06, 2012
Scythe it NEW
by: MGSteve

The best thing you can get for cutting anything from grass to blackberries is a scythe. I'm disabled and use a scythe for all my cutting except for pruning and harvesting. The aluminum handle makes it lighter than a weedeater and it cuts much quicker and easier than one as well.

In your situation, I'd have hacked the oats and, since you're going no dig, just laid some straw on top. Green oats are a really great green manure and like clover, favas or other vetches, peas etc, it feeds the garden well although not as well as your various nitrogen fixing legumes.

A scythe is a great investment that's well worth the cost. Try it and you'll wonder how people ever got talked into using those noisy, polluting machines to cut with.

Apr 06, 2012
updating NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all the suggestions... I finally did use the machette... cut to the ground as close as I could get... well I again have tall oats again... hard to believe... I guess the weather has been perfect...
so once again I will cut...then remove some to put the new seedlings in...
what an experience... but I know it will all work out for me... I do love to garden this way... still learning...

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