Substitute for newspaper layer on no dig garden

What can I substitute for the layer of newspaper? I don't subscribe to any newspapers, and have a large area. Will be costly to buy enough newspapers.

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Jun 17, 2010
Substitue for newspapers
by: Anonymous

As a substitute for newspapers ask your local supermarket for any spare cartons and layer those dampening them as you go. Friends and family maybe able to help with newspapers and these could be layered on the flattened cartons, good luck.

Nov 14, 2010
no dig newspaper alternatives
by: Eileen

When there is a rubbish collection day and there are recycled bins put out, grab all the newspapers and cartons that your street inhabitants throw out. You could also ask them beforehand to save them for you.
Material like old sheets/blankets and hessian sacks from coffee roasting houses are also good. Eileen

Nov 18, 2010
bike packaging
by: Susan

Check with your local bike dealer for cardboard bike packaging. Lovely, thick, huge boxes. Great for crafts, too...

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