using potting soil in the veg garden


Hello fellow gardeners, I have been dumping my old potting soil in my small veg garden in the fall. Is this O.K? Can I put it the composter? DIANE FROM LONDON

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Oct 24, 2011
old potting mix in compost
by: Karla

I recycle my soil all the time. If you put soil in your compost, which with me is a great pile on the ground in the corner of my little veggy patch, then it helps break up the layers of scraps, few weeds, bracken, sometimes leaves, and speeds up the composting. So add the old soil to compost is best.
There is nothing I can think of that would be wrong to use old potting mix in your garden, unless it has some chemicals you don't want, or a real bad fungus. But it might not have much goodness in it, and you will still need compost or plant food.

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