Using Weeds for Compost and Mulch

Hello! I live in Malaysia. First and foremost, thank you very much for this wonderful informative site. I have never grown anything even tho I have a small patch of space in my backyard (about 450sq.ft). Once a month for the past 10 years, I will get someone to cut the grass (or I should say 99% weeds - in malay language is called "lalang").

I really want to grow my own vegetables due to health reason. For the past 3 weeks I have researched online but sadly not much site from tropics like Malaysia.

Would love comments on whether I can use the weeds for making mulch and/or compost? Is it ok to leave these weeds in a bed for several weeks until it is dried then use as compost or mulch.

Thank you.

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Jun 05, 2010
How to make use of weeds in the garden
by: Megan

Yes, weeds can be used in your garden. There's no need to let them go to waste because after all they are plants, just not the ones you want to eat! So make use of them to grow other plants.

Because it's so hot where you live, you can pile up the weeds and let the sun help compost them and kill any weed seeds.
You can also just spread out the weeds you pull up or chop off and let then completely dry out so you can then put back on the garden as mulch. Don't put dry weed seeds or seed heads on garden though as they will germinate when watered.

If you're starting your garden from scratch, it's fine to put layers of paper or other biodegradable barrier on your weeds which will kill them off, and whilst that's happening, build up layers of soil, compost, mulch and so on top to make yourself a rich no-dig organic garden – free of weeds, for now!

Aug 24, 2014
Weeds are fertiliser NEW
by: Anonymous

If you want to use weeds as mulch/fertiliser, bag them in the usual black bags for a few months. This kills the weeds thoroughly and their seeds too. I live in Malaysia and this is what we do.

Alternatively, we let them dry in a stack and then smoke it during the mosquito season at 6pm to get rid of the pests for the evening. I don't necessarily recommend this though because it's open burning for one, and it might just annoy the neighbours if you have close neighbours. Also, pollution.

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