What's the best manure to use on garden?

by Dorothy

What is the best manure to use, or does it really matter? I have access to cow, horse and goat manure. Also I am able to get "used" straw.

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Aug 04, 2009
Dorothy of Michigan
by: bill t

You are a very lucky person Dorothy to have such an abundance of natural manures. Go for it, but may I suggest you add some sulfate of potash for helping the flowering and fruiting stages.Your animal manures are brilliant but lack sufficient quantities of potash. Good luck,and healthy satisfying gardening.
Cheers Bill T. :)

Feb 27, 2010
horse manure
by: Anonymous

I live near a horse corral that advertises...Free manure help yourself. Is this a good thing to mix into your garden with some potash mixed in?

Jun 05, 2010
Animal manures for garden
by: Megan

Take a look at the information here, this will give you a guide on the different manures to use:
Animal manures in the garden

May 03, 2011
Need a little more help about Horse manure
by: Crystal, Central Oregon

were if live the county does an exchange program were they put you in touch with ranchers for free manure. My question is that I heard that horse manure has too much urine with it cause of the cleaning of stalls but around here most of it comes from pastures is this any better? I also have access to alpaca manure would that be better than horse manure and why or why not?

Feb 21, 2015
rabbit manure NEW
by: Anonymous

well depends mostly of what u can get, but iuse rabbit manure,and rabbit manure tea, made with 5 gal bucket, with large scoop of manure, then mix in 3 tbl spoons of fish emul, 4 tbl of molasses,unsulfur then i tsp of epsom salt, mix for 48 hrs with aquarm pump, wowwwww folks this works soooo great use mostly on toms but great for all vegs, sry about spelling, getting very old and have young timers lol lol lol tu

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