Where do I find compost if I have none for new garden.

I am looking at raised bed gardening but am wondering where I get compost to use at the start....I am moving to new location and no compost pile is available.

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Sep 18, 2010
New Gardener Compost
by: Kiwi George

Due to mulitple military duty transfers I have started 10 gardens from scratch in 25 years. Depending on where I am living I collect seaweed/pine needles/hedge clippings/grass clippings/household vegetable peelings/sheep& horse manure/any organic matter etc and bury it all in trenches about 30cm deep, back fill and plant over them. Next year dig more trenches in between the first ones and repeat the process until your garden is complete. This is initially easier than No Dig and the worms/biota will break down the stuff you have buried. During your first year collect more material for the next lot of trenches and compost some for your future No Dig gardens. You may also be surprised how many of your neighbours will contribute their waste material if you let them know you are a "Greenie".
Happy Gardening
Kiwi George

Mar 18, 2011
Buying Compost
by: Anonymous

If you need compost in a hurry you can buy bags of compost from most plant nurseries or hardware stores - basically anywhere that sells plants or potting mix etc. This is more expensive than making your own but it a good way to tie you over until you have built up enough of your own.

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