Wood Mulch

by Keith

Can wood mulch/chips be used on top of the newspaper. I thought I had read somewhere that wood mulch wasn't good for vegetable gardens

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Jul 11, 2011
mulch away
by: Anonymous

the mulch will take nitrogen from the soil but will eventually break down into lovely humus. make sure you add some chook poo or pellets and should be fine - better to do this in winter as the wood won't break down much until its wet. I have used this technique in the vegie patch with success - better to use where you don't want to grow a root crop and great way of breaking weed cycle. Don't use treated pine mulch.

Jun 12, 2016
Someone Who Knows NEW
by: Anonymous

I hope you have watched the Back to Eden full length documentary about using wood chips on gardens and fruit trees. Paul explains why it works, and takes you on a tour of his extensive garden/orchard. He does mix in some chicken poo, but he never even has to water. Lay it only on top, never dig it in, or it will rob the plants of nitrogen and will not grow right. The Back to Eden movement is huge, and relies on wood chips, although other material works also.

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